Objectives and tasks



The Constitutive Treaty of AMU set the following objectives:

  • Consolidation of the fraternal relations which bind the Member States and their peoples; achieving the progress and well-being of their communities and defending their rights;
  • Progressive realization of the free movement of persons in services, goods and capital between the Member States;
  • The adoption of a common policy in all areas. In economic matters, the common policy aims at ensuring the industrial, agricultural, commercial and social development of the Member States.

With a view to eventually establishing a Maghreb economic union between the five member states, the following steps have been set:

  • the establishment of a free-trade area with the dismantling of all tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade between member countries;
  • The customs union to establish a unified customs area with the adoption of a common external tariff vis-à-vis the rest of the world;
  • The common market which must devote the integration of the Maghreb economies with the removal of restrictions on the circulation of factors of production across the national borders of the member countries.