Human Development Committee

- La Commission ministérielle des ressources humaines a tenu sa 10ème session du 2 au 3/10/2001 à Tunis

Education, culture, information, training, scientific research, social affairs, employment, sports, youth, health, justice, residence and mobility, and the affairs of the Maghreb community.

The specialized ministerial committees, in cooperation with the Follow-up Committee and the Secretariat, shall draw up the plans and timetables necessary for the implementation of the Federation's work program approved by the Presidential Council.

The specialized ministerial committees consist of the concerned ministries and secretariats according to the sectors that fall within their tasks. The specialized ministerial committees also have sectoral ministerial councils and task forces as required by their work, and they must use qualified Maghreb experts.

The specialized ministerial committees shall present the results of their work to the Council of Foreign Ministers and shall exercise their activities in coordination with the Follow-up Committee and the Secretariat.